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VC6 Ultimate

VC6 Ultimate

Visual C++ 6.0-20th AnniversaryService Pack

We think Visual C++ 6.0 was the best dev env ever made.

So we kept improving it with over 500 bugfixes, tweaks and new features.

Let's celebrate VC6's 20th anniversary by sharing them to the world.

Custom comment syntaxes for documentation
Not compiled code fade out
Multicursor mode is compatible with macros, find, sort, ...
Expression evaluation and floating debugger watch
See variable types in watch
Per project AUTOEXP.INI, editable from the watch
Expression evaluation in AUTOEXP.INI definitions
AUTOEXP.INI definitions can be nested
Watch have new format types
Ability to display previous watched value
Multithreaded build output is sorted by cpp file and filterable
List of compiled files with build time is one click away
  • Portable and compatible with Win7 / Win10 bye bye regedit, hello .hjson setting file ! also meaning it should not mess with your current install
  • More compatible compiler multicore version of VC7.1 compiler (It's fast) you can compile with other compilers (64bit), but not debug yet
  • Real-time highlighting and diagnostics based on libclang 6.0 and compatible with VisualAssistX
  • Real multicursor editing search, sort, number, evaluate, etc. while in multicursor mode
  • Improved UX and UI 32bit icons, dark skin, lot of visual hints multi-monitor friendly revamped dialogs (project settings, threads, breakpoints, ...) searchable command palette
  • It's free (as in free beer) ever had to pay for a birthday present ? ;)
  • Every change has a toggle only take what you like, but we can not check each combination
  • It's an internal spare time project don't expect everything to work in every setup, but feel free to reach out by email or discord